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To the People of the Diocese of New Westminster:

Several of you who attended Synod or know Archdeacon Philippa personally are aware that she has recently had health concerns. Those health concerns are more serious than anticipated.

Philippa has been diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. This is devastating news for her and for all of us. 

There is a treatment plan being formed but it is not completely clear at this moment what it will be. She is meeting with doctors and other health care professionals as they determine the best course of action. She knows that she will need to have chemotherapy and other treatment, and this will greatly affect her capacity for everyday interactions which includes her ministry as the Executive Archdeacon of the Diocese of New Westminster. 

We are working toward creating the best plan possible so that Philippa can do some of the work related to her position, but it may mean that she will have to step away from the role for a time. This developing plan will take shape with more specificity as her treatment begins. It will mean, though, that there may be times when a response to an email might not be expedient, there may be meetings that she might need to cancel at the last minute, there may be times when she is simply not available.

Please keep Archdeacon Philippa in your prayers. She so appreciates the love and support that she receives from so many friends, colleagues and members of the Diocese of New Westminster and beyond. It is a difficult path that she is going down and we pray God’s blessing, healing, hope and peace upon her. 

 O God of peace, who taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved,
 in quietness and confidence will be our strength; by the might of your 
Spirit lift us, we pray, to your presence, where we may be still and know that you are God; through Jesus Christ our Lord.