The Ven. Barbara Clay, coordinator of Grandmothers to Grandmothers groups (the “Gogos”) in Greater Vancouver

A recently retired but still very busy Archdeacon Barbara Clay was among a delegation of 12 Canadian grandmothers from seven provinces who travelled to Uganda, South Africa, and Swaziland last month on behalf of the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. The group supports African grandmothers who take care of their orphaned grandchildren living in communities struggling with HIV/AIDS. To date nearly 200 grandmothers groups have formed across Canada which have collectively raised and sent to Africa more than $2 million. The grandmothers groups are nicknamed "Gogos." The Ven. Clay, a grandmother of eight, coordinates eight Gogo groups in the Vancouver area.

Another member of the diocese volunteering to help Africans is the treasurer of St. Oswald's, Port Kells. Annette Savage, has committed to raising $8,000 for the Niall Mellon Township Trust of South Africa, which builds housing for the poor of Cape Town's Freedom Park community. She recently was in Cape Town laying bricks. On April 6 she's hosting a night at the Dublin Crossing Irish Pub in Surrey. You can reach her at 604 507-1691,

Phylllis Mittlestead of St. Catherine's, North Vancouver, has agreed to serve as a diocesan representative on the board of the Coming Home Society. For many years she worked with the Red Cross and has been foster mother on a short term basis of numerous children. The Society operates a recovery house in Vancouver for young Aboriginal women who have had difficulties with addiction. She succeeds Bettina Gruver, Diocesan Program Coordinator, who served on the board in a volunteer capacity for five years.

The Bishop has appointed the Rev. Ted Celiz effective Mar. 1 to St. Mary's, Kerrisdale as Associate Priest temporarily. He moved here from Kootenay Diocese, where he was priest for Salmon Arm/Sicamous.

In the March issue of TOPIC, an item had the Rev. Craig Tanksley appointed the rector of St. Mark's, Ocean Park. Actually he is priest-in-charge. His new post will be celebrated on May 14 with Archdeacon Stephen Rowe officiating and the Rev. Paul Woehrle preaching.

The appointment of another new priest-in-charge, the Rev. Donna Kirkpatrick, was celebrated late in February. The preacher was the Rev. John Oakes of Holy Trinity, Vancouver, where Kirkpatrick recently assisted.

Helping celebrate the centennial of St. David, Delta, last month were two former and the current rector. Left to right are the Rev. John Roddam, the Rev. Paul Woehrle (current rector) and the Rev. Jack Major. This month some members of the parish are scheduled to take part in a pilgrimage to St. David's Cathedral in Wales. (Alexander Wakarchuk photo)

The Rev. Ivan Ramirez for several years was the priest for Santo Tomas in relationship with St. Thomas, Vancouver. He died of cancer in San Francisco on February 26, survived by his wife Elaina. Their son Philipé died in November, also of cancer.

Douglas MacAdams, Q.C., the Provincial Chancellor, reports that his late first cousin, once removed, Harold (Hank) MacAdams was employed in the synod office some years ago. His spouse Barbara MacAdams recently died with a memorial service held at St. Francis-in-the-Wood