The Rev. Wendy Fletcher

The Rev. Wendy Fletcher will be the new principal of the Vancouver School of Theology when the Reverend Ken McQueen steps down next year. She currently serves as Dean of Studies.

Paul Guiton, a member of St. Michael, Surrey, who is currently studying for ministry in the Diocese of Kootenay is presently taking practical training in Belize.

The parish council and members of St. Michael’s, Surrey, are supporting the Whalley area street ministry that Zelda Frost (their Music Director) is involved in. She was donated enough meat and bread to make hundreds of sandwiches to hand out to the night shift of the street ministry. She took it all to St. Michael’s kitchen, and prepared to spend several hours making sandwiches. At the time, St. Michael’s yard sale was going on, and, singly and in twos and threes, members of the parish wandered into the kitchen to see what she was doing. In no time at all, they rolled up their sleeves, established a production line, and the sandwiches rolled off.

David and Frances Somerville

Twenty years ago last month close friends gathered in the national church house chapel in Toronto to witness the wedding of Archbishop David Somerville and Frances Best conducted by the then primate, the late Ted Scott. Last month the congregation of Christ Church Cathedral, where the couple worship when not at St. Catherine’s, North Vancouver, held a celebration in their honour. The archbishop had appeared to be a committed life-long bachelor till that wedding day. Next month the archbishop will be 90.

Bishop Michael Ingham plans to take a sabbatical during the fall of next year, it was announced at Diocesan Council last month. The Diocesan Council agreed to compensate Christ Church Cathedral’s parish when Dean Peter Elliott acts as Diocesan Administrator on a part-time basis during the months of September, October, and November. The arrangement is similar to that made when the bishop took a three month sabbatical in the fall of 2000.

The Rev. Gordon Dominey is taking a few month’s leave from St. Stephen, Burnaby. The Rev. Celia Howard will fill in for the duration.