Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, has posted a second webcast that summarizes the Windsor report and asks Anglicans throughout the country for their comments.

Hutchinson’s webcast is available on the national church website.

Primate Andrew Hutchison on the national website

The primate, chief bishop of the Canadian Church, summarizes findings of the Lambeth Commission that was asked to consider ways in which the world-wide Anglican communion can stay together in light of stresses created by issues such as the blessing of same-sex unions in the Diocese of New Westminster and the election of a publicly gay bishop in the U.S. Episcopal Church.

Anglican primates are to bring their own church's responses to a meeting of 38 primates from all over the Anglican Communion in Northern Ireland in February.

In his webcast Archbishop Hutchison stresses that Canadian Anglicans should respond to the issue of unity, not homosexuality.

He invites Canadian Anglicans to send their responses to the Windsor report to, and comments to himself to

The webcast is produced by Anglican Video; and the production was financially assisted by the Anglican Foundation.