The Primate (Head Archbishop) of the Anglican Church of Canada told a diocesan congregation at Christ Church Cathedral gathered for an ordination Sunday night (June 22) that he values the Diocese of New Westminster for its willingness to deal with “cutting edge” issues.

Archbishop Fred Hiltz said that the diocese’s willingness to engage in constructive dialog on difficult topics – such as sexuality and unity – was of value to the whole

The Primate preached and, acting on behalf of Diocesan Bishops Michael Ingham of and John Privett of Kootenay ordained five deacons during the nearly two-hour ceremony.


Deacons pose for pictures after their ordination at Christ Church Cathedral June 22. Left to Right, the Rev. Alisdair Smith, who served as Primate Fred Hiltz's chaplain; the Primate; newly ordained deacons, the Revs. Patrick Blaney, Wally Shea, Janice Lowell, Kelly Duncan, and Doug Peterson; and Bishop Michael Ingham.
Three are now transitional deacons, or deacons who hope to become priests: Janice Lowell, who goes to St. Andrew’s,Langley; Patrick Blaney, who is going to Christ Church Cathedral; and Kelly Duncan, headed for the Diocese of Kootenay, Bishop Privett’s diocese.

Two are what used to be called “vocational” deacons, continuing in their original vocation and not embarking on a career exclusively in the Church, as priests do. However vocational deacons now prefer just to be called “deacons.” Ordained as such were Doug Peterson, who will serve the people of St. David’s parish, Vancouver, and Wally Shea, who is at St. Laurence, Coquitlam.

The Cathedral was filled with the friends and fellow parishioners of the candidates for ordination. The Primate praised the Cathedral and its Dean Peter Elliott for creating a place—again for the whole —that “inspires liturgy that truly glorifies God.”

Much of Archbishop Hiltz’s 35-minute sermon however was devoted to inspiring the five people standing or kneeling before him during the ceremony.

He quoted from a book written by Bishop Ingham, Rites for a New Age, in which the bishop stated: “A sensitive evangelism is diaconal, rather than imperial. It is designed for service not converts. It aims to show forth the Lord Jesus in acts of faithfulness and witness and welcome.”

“This ministry is not for the faint hearted,” the Archbishop warned. “It requires guts and grace, courage and commitment, lots of prayer and a passion to work for everything for which you pray.”

“May God be with you that you respond to the call of servant leadership. May God grace you for every good work to which you are called. Friends May God be with our beloved Church in this land and throughout the world as we seek to be renewed in the service of God’s mission.”