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The 38th Synod of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon will be held September 14-16, 2018, at Sorrento Centre.

The theme for the Synod is “Walking Humbly Together with our God.”

During the Wednesday, September 5, diocesan Synod staff meeting Archbishop Skelton informed diocesan staff about the Synod outlining the key events and highlights which will include:

  • Archbishop Skelton’s installation as Metropolitan and her receipt of the symbol of the office, the Metropolitical Cross of the Province.
  • A Provincial House of Bishops meeting
  • Opportunities to hear from our primate, the Most Reverend Fred Hiltz, preaching during the worship and also speaking as part of the programmatic content.
  • A Celebration of the New Ministry of the recently appointed Executive Director of Sorrento Centre, Michael Shapcott
  • Bishop Logan McMenamie of the Diocese of BC and Reconciliation Animator for the National Church, Melanie Delva offering two presentations on Reconciliation.
  • Discussions followed by some decisions about a new Provincial-wide Safe Church resource.
  •  A discussion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the British Columbia and Yukon Anglican Youth Ministry (BCYAYM) as part of the process to bring that group under the governance umbrella of the Province.  
  • Marriage Canon discussions in preparation for the second reading of the changes to the Marriage Canon coming before General Synod here in Vancouver next summer, and in Archbishop Skelton’s words, “sharing ideas about how we will walk together as a Province after General Synod 2019.”

Please keep all those attending Provincial Synod in your prayers as they “walk humbly together with our God”.

Provincial Synod delegates from the Diocese of New Westminster: Rev. Marnie Peterson, Rev. Stephanie Shepard, Glen Mitchell, Caitlin Reilley Beck, Sharon Taylor.