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On Friday April 5 in conjunction with PWRDF's Executive Director Will Postma's visit to attend the PWRDF 60th Anniversary dinner on April 6 at St. Mary's, Kerrisdale, Will and diocesan PWRDF Unit Chair, Peter Goodwin, ODNW,  visited Vancouver School of Theology (VST) to meet with Principal, the Reverend Dr. Richard Topping and the Reverend Grant Rodgers, Director of Anglican Formation. The purpose of their visit was to discuss means of increasing awareness amongst students of the ministry of our denominations outreach and specifically that of PWRDF.

It was an excellent discussion and some creative thoughts were exchanged that will provide a foundation for future engagement with students and ultimately achieving increased knowledge of and participation in the ministry of PWRDF.

IMAGE: The Reverend Grant Rodger, the Reverend Dr. Richard Topping, Will Postma and Peter Goodwin.