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The Diocese of New Westminster PWRDF Unit commends the Canadian Foodgrains  Bank(CFGB) (PWRDF partner) to your parish for Lent 2018. This is a priority for PWRDF across Canada at this time as PWRDF marks 10 years of membership in the CFGB and 2018 is the 35th anniversary of CFGB. Jointly the organizations are launching the Working Together donor appeal. For PWRDF the objective is to increase PWRDF’s engagement with and equity in CFGB and for Anglicans to become more informed on the work of the CFGB and PWRDF’s association with it.

We would like to invite our diocese to support this direction and ask that clergy and parish representatives draw attention to the work of CFGB and PWRDF’s involvement by reference to the donor appeal letter(copy found here) and the Under the Sun publication contained in the February Anglican Journal (copy found here) and, the website article “PWRDF and  Foodgrains Bank : ‘Together we are stronger’ “ (Dec 19,2017). (copy found here) Please let the Unit know through me what the experience of the parish is in engaging in this.

Attached below you will find a template for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank/PWRDF Joint Appeal, a copy of the February 2018 Under the Sun national PWRDF publication, and pew bulletin copy in WORD outlining the PWRDF Lenten programme.

Click this link to access the first issue of and subscribe to the PWRDF Living Lent Resource.