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The Diocese of New Westminster's PWRDF Unit commends the Christmas World of Gifts (PWRDF section) to your parish for the Reign of Christ, November 26, 2017. We are asking that parish clergy and parish PWRDF representatives promote this giving initiative by refering parishioners to the PWRDF section. The World of Gifts guide is available in the October, November and December issues of the Anglican Journal. The PWRDF section is also online here.

A bulletin insert is downloadable below for printing and distribution. Please see the bulletin insert for all the information.                                                                                    

Participants may choose to donate to all of a project or to a part of one. For example if a project is listed at a cost of $100 a person could donate to the total amount or a part of the total.

We ask that you consider including this PWRDF insert in your bulletin on the Reign of Christ November 26th through to Advent II and link the online section to your electronic sites.

Please let the Unit know through me what the experience of the parish is in engaging in this way of donating to PWRDF and how they found the World of Gifts resource.

Contact Peter Goodwin