Architect’s sketch for new Cathedral of St. Simon & St. Jude in Iqaluit, Nunavut, will replace one that burned down in 2005

Work continues on reconstruction of the Cathedral of St. Simon & St. Jude for the Diocese of the Arctic in Iqaluit, Nunavut, which was destroyed by arson in November 2005.

Building in the Arctic is an expensive, difficult and lengthy undertaking. Every item used must be shipped from southern Canada, and the amount of time for constuction is limited each year.

The new building's foundations were laid in June 2007 - an array of thermosyphons must be laid in the building's foundation. These passive devices remove heat from the permafrost so that it remains frozen year round.

The Anglican Foundation has loaned the Diocese of the Arctic $250,000 for the reconstruction of the cathedral, a landmark in Iqualuit. The foundation also provided a grant of $15,000. Fundraising events have taken place in the Diocese of Ottawa and in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island at St. John's, Lunenburg, which was recently rebuilt after fire.

Total cost of rebuilding the Igloo-shaped cathedral will be about $6.7 million. The Diocese of the Arctic is one of nine in the Council of the North receiving support from the national church.