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Where am “I” in my relationships with other people? What is the boundary between me and you, in how we relate to each other? Join us this fall to explore what the Bible might have to say about developing and nurturing healthy relationships in our lives (romantic, work, with family and friends, etc.) in our new Bible discussion group.

We'll be gathering every 2 weeks in October and November, on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30pm at the Oakridge Shopping Centre food court (Weds. 10/4, 10/18, 11/1 & 11/15). We'll eat dinner together (you can purchase your meal there or bring food from home) as we dig into scripture and share our experiences.

Note: The Oakridge Shopping Centre is at 41st Ave. and Cambie St. - the food court is on the south side of the mall, next to the Safeway Supermarket (closest parking lot is at 45th and Cambie). Find our group by looking for the carved wooden bear that we'll have out on the table!