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Returning Officer Susan Tufts assisted by Synod Staff and volunteers tabulated the Saturday, May 27th votes for Diocesan Officers. 

The elections took place between 8 and 9:15am and there was a tie for Clerical Representatives to Provincial Synod which necessitated another election held during the lunch hour 1-1:50pm.  

Here are the results of the election. These new officers wills serve a two year term  

  • TREASURER Robert Hardy (acclamation)  
  • SYNOD SECRETARIES Clerical: Christine Wilson; Lay: Andrea Gailus  
  • ANGLICAN INITIATIVES FUND Clerical: Christine Rowe; Lay: Anne Kessler  
  • BISHOPS ADVISORY COMMITTEE on APPOINTMENTS Clerical: Richard Leggett, Sharon Salomons, Philippa Segrave-Pride; Lay: Melanie Delva, Randy Murray, Thomas Rowe  
  • BOARD OF DISCIPLINE Clerical: Heidi Brear, David Price, Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz; Lay: Margaret Briscall, Phil Colvin, (Vacant) 


  • Burrard Archdeaconry Clerical: Lucy Price; Lay: Jane Hope  
  • Capilano Archdeaconry Clerical: Robin Ruder-Celiz; Lay: Valerie Casselton  
  • Fraser Archdeaconry Clerical: Eileen Nurse; Lay: Joan Cope  
  • Lougheed Archdeaconry Clerical: David Edgerton; Lay: Sharon Taylor  
  • Vancouver Archdeaconry Clerical: Richard Leggett; Lay: Sharon Grove
  • Westminster Archdeaconry Clerical: Arvin Amayag; Lay: Brian Strehler  
  • Youth Representatives Caitlin Dean; Jade Martin Seedhouse  
  • PROVINCIAL SYNOD DELEGATES Clerical: Marnie Peterson, Stephanie Shepard; Lay: Glen Mitchell, Caitlin Reilley Beck, Sharon Taylor  
  • ALTERNATE PROVINCIAL SYNOD DELEGATES Clerical: Robin Ruder-Celiz, Liz Hamel; Lay: Mary McIntyre, Ryan Bowie, (Vacant)  
  • GENERAL SYNOD DELEGATES (2019 GENERAL SYNOD) Clerical: Douglas Fenton, Lynne McNaughton, John Stephens; Lay: Tasha Carrothers, Rob Dickson, Glen Mitchell; Youth: Clare Urquhart  
  • ALTERNATE GENERAL SYNOD DELEGATES Clerical: Marnie Peterson, Liz Hamel, Alex Wilson;  Lay: Thomas Rowe, Kim Hodges, Anne Kessler; Youth: Ben Hutchings


  • Bishop Skelton commissions the newly elected at the conclusion of the 117th Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster
  • Newly elected: The Reverend Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz; The Reverend Stephanie Shepard; The Reverend Lynne McNaughton; The Reverend Sharon Salomons; Anne Kessler; The Reverend Eileen Nurse