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Tonight the Diocese of New Westminster, alongside the whole of the Western Church, heads into the three holiest days of the year, a period which begins with the New Commandment: "That you love one another, as I have loved you". As we gather at altars throughout the Diocese and throughout the world we are enjoined to love one another. Here is one such oportunity: a direct appeal from the family of one our diocesan priests, looking for assistance securing a route out of war-torn Gaza. 

Financial assistance can be provided via GoFundMe.

"My name is Mayar Abu Dalfa, a Palestinian from Gaza, that has been displaced from my home during this complex time. My remaining family and I are in Rafah, trapped next to the Egyptian border. Recently a missile landed and exploded metres away from where we were. I send you this message because I am hoping you can help us by sharing our GoFundMe campaign to your family and friends. We urgently need your help to share our story.

The escalating conflict and displacement have left my family in a vulnerable position, and we are in desperate need of financial support to ensure our safety and well being. Every minute here means we are closer to death.

We have set up a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to raise funds for basic necessities, and to evacuate from Gaza into Egypt.

I kindly request your support in sharing the link to our fundraising campaign with your networks and community. Any contribution or support you can provide will be greatly appreciated and will make a significant difference in our lives during this difficult time:

Thank you for considering my request.

Mayar and family