Wynona, Dacia, Pamela (transition worker), Jeannie, and Susie (staff member) at the Young Wolves Lodge in South Vancouver
Women at the Coming Home Society's Young Wolves Lodge recently told a group of representatives from Vancouver Coastal Health and other health and social service agencies that their recovery house works well.

They prepared a presentation titled "Young Wolves Lodge Top 10 Countdown--What we Love About Our Lodge..."

They are passionate about their experience and excited about sharing it with the Diocese. The facility provides support for up to five young aboriginal women at a time.

"Every client is here for her own reason and is here to become the Wolfie they want to be," wrote the group in their submission to the agencies.

Support for the Coming Home Society's work in part comes from the Diocese of New Westminster's Going the Extra Mile ("GEM") program, and private donors. Basic support comes from the federal government. Additional funds however are needed for programming and maintenance of the facility.

What's good about the Young Wolves Lodge

  • Affordable Quality-It's the best lodge ever at no financial cost to ourselves.
  • Teachings, Culture and Spiritual Growth-We smudge every morning, and every night, and during ceremonies.
  • Compassionate Support-We can talk to staff about anything and they go above and beyond to help us in our recovery.
  • Safe, Stable and Structured-structure is very important; the staff respects and protects confidentiality.
  • Self Care and a Nurturing Spirit.
  • Health and Nutrition--Staff encourage us to eat a healthy balanced diet.
  • Transition-The transition worker helps us with our children; staff members become our supports and our friends.
  • Family Oriented-Our families are not missing us as much and neither are we; it helps us have hope and faith.
  • Programming-These include workshops on relationships, goals, triggers, and action plans; self-defense; Narcotics Anonymous; dances; trips to the library and aquarium; team building; art therapy.
  • Respect and Individuality-Everyone has individuality and respect.