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The Anglican Church of Canada is reeling from the shocking news of Archbishop Mark MacDonald's resignation announced at 1pm EDT, Wednesday, April 20. For many, the sense of shock may be followed by anger, disbelief, distrust and sadness.

Bishop Stephens writes:

 “Inappropriate behaviour towards another person, in this case sexual misconduct, is never acceptable. When it comes from someone in authority our distrust and anger can be magnified.” 

Kerry Baisley, Diocesan Missioner for Indigenous Justice writes:

“As a social worker I witnessed the lifelong challenges experienced by individuals who were abused.  The intergenerational trauma of Residential School survivors and their families is clear evidence of this fact.

Our next steps will hopefully be guided by care, a clear perspective and faith.  Our circle of care begins with the individual subject to the inappropriate behaviour.  Our circle widens to include Mark MacDonald, his family and all others who are shaken and challenged by this situation. 

We must maintain a clear perspective on receiving, reviewing and responding to concerns such as these.  To borrow a phrase from Cindy Blackstock, we “must not look away” from these issues and commit to working towards support and healing for those affected.”  

Here is a link to the full announcement on the Anglican Church of Canada website.