A retired Anglican bishop has relinquished his ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada and decided to work with the Anglican Network in Canada.

Ron Ferris, for 28 years the bishop of Yukon and later of Algoma, retired last fall and moved to Langley, B.C. He left the Anglican Church of Canada by relinquishing his license to Archbishop Terrence Buckle, metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of British Columbia and Yukon. The head of the Canadian church, Primate Fred Hiltz, received the news of Ferris’ departure with regret.

According to some reports, the former bishop plans to assist the Anglican Network in setting up congregations in the Lower Mainland to come under the jurisdiction of an Anglican Church in South America.

Bishop Michael Ingham of the Diocese of New Westminster informed his Diocesan Council in February of the former Canadian bishop’s presence in the diocese.

“While he is free to pursue whatever ministry he feels God is calling him to do, he is not to be given support and encouragement in this diocese by any of our parishes or clergy,” Bishop Ingham said.