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It was announced at both parishes on Sunday, May 13, 2018 that the Reverend Dr. Richard Leggett, rector of St. Faith’s in southwest Vancouver and regional dean of the Granville Deanery will be leaving his ministry at St. Faith’s at the end of June to begin a three-year bishop's appointment as priest-in-charge (styled vicar) at Holy Trinity Cathedral in New Westminster, July 1, 2018.

In his May 13 post on the St. Faith's Facebook page he wrote: 

"Holy Trinity Cathedral is in the midst of a property re-development project that will provide a model for future parish re-developments elsewhere in the diocese. It became clear that I have knowledge, skills and experience that will be of use in helping the Cathedral navigate the next stages in the re-development.

I will leave Saint Faith's filled with gratitude for the twenty years of our association, thirteen years as Paula's (the Reverend Paula Porter-Leggett, former rector of St. Faith's) spouse and sometime 'Priest Associate' and seven years as your Rector. You have been the community in which our children grew into young adulthood and in which I found meaningful ministry after I left VST in August 2010.

My last Sunday will be Sunday, the 24th of June, and I will take a few days holiday before beginning my new ministry at Holy Trinity Cathedral."

Please keep Rev. Leggett, his family, and the clergy and laity of St. Faith's and Holy Trinity Cathedral in your prayers as they move forward into new, challenging and exciting ministries.


Photo:Wayne Chose