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The PWRDF Unit would like to invite members of the Diocese of New Westminster to visit the PWRDF website "PWRDF gears up for 2020 Ride for Refuge" and see the details of many ways you can participate or donate.

This year 2020 all donations will go to St. Jude Family Project, a Uganda partner with PWRDF. St Jude's project supports food security with a focus on women and children This year is different because of the pandemic. Anyone can participate in their own neighbourhood or parish in a variety of ways.

Go to Ride for Refuge 2020 on the web and click on registration with the PWRDF Team Vancouver. 

Here is a direct link to donate to PWRDF TEAM VANCOUVER.

There is a second team in the diocese, the Divine Dashers based in the Fraser Valley. The will be doing a 5KM walk in Pitt Meadows and one member of the team is doing a 25KM ride.

Here is a direct link to donate to The Divine Dashers

You can donate until October 31, 2020.

Please pass onto your parishes about this autumn 2020 Ride for Refuge.

For further information please contact Peter Goodwin, PWRDF  Ride for Refuge Captain for our diocese. You can call him at 604-929-6143 or email him at

IMAGE: Members of the diocesan PWRDF Unit meeting "physically distancing" at an outdoor patio of Starbuck September 12, 2020 planning PWRDF  Ride for Refuge 2020. Peter Goodwin, The Rev. Margaret Marquardt and Liz Macdonald. Enjoying connecting outdoors!