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Keith Stevens, ODNW, beloved parishioner of St. Hilda-by-the-Sea, died peacefully at home surrounded by his family early morning on the Feast of All Saints (November 1st). 

Keith was the soul of the Building and Maintenance Committee at St. Hilda’s for many years and his beautiful touches can be seen in many places around the parish. 

A few years ago the rector, the Reverend Clarence Li caught him singlehandedly replacing one of the massive pillars of the church entranceway and the image of him being "a pillar of St. Hilda's" was forever imprinted in his memory. 

In 2015, Keith was inducted into the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster for his witness of humble service for the parish. 

He will be dearly missed.  A Memorial Service for Keith will be held on Saturday, November 12 at 11:30am at St. Hilda's.


Keith Stevens, ODNW with Bishop Skelton, 2015 PHOTO Wayne Chose