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The Dean of the Diocese of New Westminster and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, the Very Reverend Peter Elliott began a sabbatical April 12, 2018. This sabbatical will conclude August 1, 2018. In September 2019, Dean Elliott will mark 25 years as incumbent and has given notice that he intends to retire. In the following piece that provides some basic details about the sabbatical, he shared the following information with diocesan communications.

First of all I would like state that I  am very grateful to the Cathedral Trustees for granting me a sabbatical leave and I am looking forward to 3.5 months away for learning, discernment, and rest.  

My goals for this brief period of leave are 4:

  1. Rest and self-care
  2. Exploration of possibilities of life after retirement
  3. Selected interviews with Rectors of large urban parishes as data for CCC’s transition and succession process.
  4. Pilgrimage to St. George’s College Jerusalem  

My husband Thomas and I will travel together for the first part of my sabbatical leave; our itinerary as planned includes:

  • North America Conference of Cathedral Deans and spouses in Cincinnati
  • Toronto area to rest and visit family
  • London for a few days rest and interviews at Southwark and Ely Cathedrals
  • Tel Aviv and then Jerusalem for a 10 day course at St. George’s College
  • Rome, for pilgrimage there, and visits to Assisi, Siena and Ravenna
  • Paris, with an interview with the Dean of the American Cathedral in Paris
  • Visit to Chartes Cathedral
  • Return to England, a week’s stay in Durham with visits to York and environs
  • A final week in London, returning to Vancouver on June 15.
  • The balance of my sabbatical will be spent at home in Vancouver, engaging with a Spiritual Director and Career Counselor as I anticipate my upcoming retirement, discerning how I am being called into this next phase of my ministry.  

Just a few days into his sabbatical, Dean Peter has reported that the harsh wave of winter weather enveloping the eastern regions of North America has disrupted the early part of the schedule however, he and Thomas are making the most of their time in Cincinnatti before departing somewhat behind schedule for Toronto.