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In our Indigenous culture, “Hand of Friendship” bears witness to the Open Hand…no harm. The raised hands are a particular “Mark of Respect “ and agreement: Of Gratitude.

The Humming bird is a portent, a “Messenger of Joy” and Mystery Traveller. Sacred Joy.

I identify as a Faith believer who also walks on the Indigenous path of family and understanding, and part of the “Feather Dance” Reconciliation project with the gathering priest, the Reverend Melanie Calabrigo of St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary at St. Faith’s in Vancouver. In my understanding through consultation with the Venerable Clara Plamondon, Prolocutor of the Province, this is a “gift of Respect” from the six dioceses (British Columbia, Caledonia, Kootenay, New Westminster, Territory of the People, Yukon) whose people have been encouraged, and lifted up by the leadership of Archbishop Melissa.

A bringing together: It is my joy to partner with the six dioceses to bring a gift to acknowledge their gratitude for her grace and leadership. Thank you!

The reference points for me are: the reconciliation of Settler and Indigenous; that Love and Purpose are at the centre of Reconciliation, between all people. These are central in relationship.

In my understanding of liturgical robe colours:

  • Red: High and Holy
  • White: Celebration

In the “Feather Dance” liturgical robes:

  • Red: "Healing Transformation"
  • White: "Journey"

On the occasion of Archbishop Melissa Skelton’s retirement, the Gratitude and Joy of the six dioceses is fully reflected:

  • “A Journey of Healing Transformation”:
  • The Six Pairs of Hands of Friendship:
  • The Hummingbird, Messenger of Joy:
  • The Two Gold Crosses to honour our Lord and Creator.

by Rikki Kooy