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Many thanks to all of those people locally in our diocese who took part in any small way, March 11 as part of the international interfaith action: Sacred Peopl Sacred Earth.

I received the following email from greenfaith organizer, Nana Firman with the following message:

Dear Margaret,

Yesterday was a remarkable day.

Over 400 actions in 45 countries. 250 high-ranking religious leaders lined up in support. Over 125 religious organizations - with membership of more than 100 million people - co-sponsoring along with us.

Check out this beautiful video summary.

Look at these awesome photos.

The only way we build a compassionate, loving and just future is by doing it together. That's what we began yesterday.

And we're just getting started.

We'll be in touch soon about next steps.  

But for now - savor the joy of the actions on March 11. Enjoy the video and the photos.

We continue to join with others in cherishing God’s beloved creation.

In Christ


  • A band in KenyaThe first event of March 11 took place in Melbourne, Australia