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Greetings from the Eco-Justice Unit

We would like to invite any parishioner and any parish to participate in this world-wide interfaith offering on March 11 at 11am. (locally at that time around the world):

This initiative is part of Green Faith USA and Faith and the Common Good CanadaA lower mainland  interfaith group has been part of this connection.Below you will see ways to be part of this.There is a pledge that you can sign on to as an individual and/or as a parish.Your parish can ring their church bell if there is one.You may do a personal action or a parish action of your choice.In any of this, would you consider sending a photo to my email?

I've included the text of an email below for more information or send me an email if you would like more information or have any questions.

You can also go on the Green Faith Facebook page or the Faith and the Common Good website  to get a picture of this effort world-wide.

“Sacred People Sacred Earth” > March 11 @ 11am 

Do you agree that the Earth, all people, and all life is sacred? Does your heart ache with concern over the climate emergency and the risks to life? If these questions resound in a “Yes!”, whether for yourself or those you care about, then read on.

“Sacred People Sacred Earth” is a multi-faith day of climate action organized by the GreenFaith International Network. The day will unite hundreds of actions around the world, in which people of faith step up to express a collective wish for bold solutions on climate change and social justice. Actions will take place at 11am on Thursday March 11 to symbolize the urgency we face:

This day of action will highlight ten pledges that were developed by a grassroots body of diverse religions from around the world. Over 100 high-level faith leaders have signed onto it, and the list of supporters is steadily growing. Please take a look and sign on and share with your parish if possible.

On March 11, please join us in representing “Sacred People, Sacred Earth” for Vancouver and region! There are three ways to do so:

1) Sign the statement. Ask as many people as possible in your community to sign the bold multi-faith statement, which will be launched on the day.

2) Add to the buzz online: Please do include The Rev. Margaret Marquardt (Diocese of New Westminster Eco-Justice Unit Chair in any photos sent)

  - take a photo or video of yourself in a moment or place of reverence, love of life;

  - post it onto social media using #SacredPeopleSacredEarth;.

  -  please send your photo or video to and

3) Make beautiful noise. Join hundreds of other faith communities around the world in ‘sounding the alarm’ for the climate. You can do this by ringing bells if you have them, playing instruments, singing, or anything else, as long as you do it publicly, on March 11 at 11am. Use the same hashtag given above if you post onto social media and the e-mails

Our religions envision a world transformed. One in which humanity in all its diversity has developed a shared reverence for life on Earth; in which the era of conquest, extraction, and exploitation has given way to cooperation and community. Yet, across the world, more and more people are experiencing climate-fuelled disasters first-hand. COVID is cruelly worsening these impacts on our most vulnerable communities. We call for an end to fossil fuels and deforestation, and a renewable future. 

A better world is possible and we won’t stop until we create it together. Join us for on March 11 to sound the alarm, raise our voices and build community for climate and social justice. 

Any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch: