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Please click the link to access a pdf copy of the: SEARCH & NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE ELECTORAL SYNOD.
In this document you will find the current list of Nominees to be considered for election as the 9th Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster.

On the morning of November 6th, the ELECTORAL SYNOD WEBSITE posted the NOMINEES PAGE which contains information about each nominee. The Search & Nominations Committee together with Diocesan Communications have exercised due diligence to deliver as much information as possible at the time of posting. There are a few pieces yet to come so please check back after November 11th, 2013. 

From the Chancellor, George Cadman, QC:

Further nominations may be submitted to the Chancellor at the Synod Office pursuant to Canon 219 until 4pm [PST] Tuesday, November 19th. Due to considerations of time and technical restraints, such nominations (if any) received after October 18th will not be subject to review by the Search & Nominations Committee, will only be vetted for basic qualification for office and are likely not able to participate in the video component established by the Committee. Nominations may also be made from the floor of Synod after the first or any subsequent ballot, with the consent of Synod, pursuant to Canon 224.