Undoubtedly some of you participating at the Task Force on Physical Resources consultations last October were surprised when the presentations and discussions were about mission and ministry, not land and buildings.

You may also have been surprised when they noted that our Task Force logo incorporates “…making Ministry Happen”.

Don’t get us wrong. We have not changed or abandoned our mandate. Our objective remains to recommend to Diocesan Synod a process and procedures that will enable informed decisions about the allocation or re-allocation of our buildings and properties.

However to do so we believe it is important to first assess and make decisions about how our parishes are being called to minister today and for the future.

Any decisions we make about buildings and property must be based on how they can support healthy and effective ministry.

During the second round of consultations in February, the task force will share a proposed ministry assessment process that we have drafted. Much of the meeting will be devoted to outlining this process and asking for feedback and suggestions.

After the consultations we will draw up our report and the recommendations that we will take to Diocesan Synod, May 25 and 26.

Almost 300 people participated at the October consultations. We look forward to seeing all of them back, and many more, at the consultations this month. This is your opportunity to have a say in developing our church for the future.

We recommend you try to attend the consultation in your own archdeaconry with members of your parish. People who expect to be delegates to Diocesan Synod in May are especially urged to attend. However, everyone in the diocese is welcome to attend any session.

 See this link for information about the Archdeaconry Consulation dates.