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Drop! Cover! Hold!
If you have been part of earthquake preparedness, those three words are familiar to you. They describe what you are supposed to do in case of an earthquake: seek shelter under your desk, in the closet or under the kitchen table and stay there until the situation is deemed safe. "Shake Out BC", the
first provincial earthquake drill was held at 10am, January 26. The building management of 401 W. Georgia home of the Offices of the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster encouraged all tenants to take part in the exercise. At 10am, sounds simulating an earthquake were broadcast over the sound system, lasting a long 90 seconds. Those in the diocesan office had been informed and participated.
The diocesan office is actively implementing earthquake/emergency
preparedness for its staff. Each person has a minimum amount of water stored
under their desk, an updated First Aid Kit is on the premises, three staff
are designated 'floor wardens', resources for earthquake/emergency
preparation are reviewed at staff meetings, earthquake drills are held, the
floor wardens attend workshops on emergency preparedness and share the
information with staff.
Images: On the homepage, Archivist Melanie Wallace smiles for the camera, above Business Administrator Rob Dickson looks pretty comfortable hiding under his desk and below MAP Associate Tasha Carrothers demonstrates perfect earthquake technique