A view of the convent chapel
A gathering at the new Convent of the Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine, was held in Toronto in May. It drew Associates and Oblates from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, in the celebration of their 125th Anniversary.

There were several people from British Columbia. Valerie Shackleton and Heather Luccock from Vancouver, Wendy Nelems, formerly an Associate from the Vancouver Ward, and now living in Kelowna, Susan Patterson, from Victoria, Caroline Ion from Nanaimo, and Oblates Nancy Scott from Chase, and Doreen Davidson from Victoria.

The purpose of the Gathering was to reflect on the theme “Something More”; to experience the rhythm of the convent life; to learn more about the monastic life; to learn from one another in the ministry of prayer, love, and service; and to do some visioning on the Sisters’ ministries.

The guest speaker was Margaret Silf, a well-published British author and retreat leader, who led the group on an inspirational and sometimes amusing journey into seeking the “something more”. Her talks were based, in part, on her wonderful book “ Roots and Wings.”

The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine is a Canadian Order of Anglican nuns. The convent is in Toronto and they have St. John’s House in Victoria.