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The Parish of St. Matthew, Abbotsford raises extra funds for outreach to the community every December. This year the projects chosen were health oriented. The Salvation Army Medical Clinic and the Archway Food Bank Dental Clinic shared in the $3000 donation. The donation presentations were made on January 15 and 17.

The Medical Clinic will use their $1600 to purchase a needed ultrasound doppler. The clinic is staffed by an onsite nurse and a nurse practitioner. Virtual medical care is also provided facilitated by local doctors.

Located at the Gladys Avenue campus, the clinic had over 1800 patient visits in the past year. The Salvation Army looks after the needs of needy residents in Abbotsford. They provided 92,000 meals to homeless and transient people and even more meals for flood victims in 2022. Their overnight shelter program provided over 9,000 bed spaces, especially needed in winter weather. The medical clinic serves the user population. It sees clients for addiction related problems, injuries from street living, pregnant folks who are not within the normal maternity care system, and general health needs including monitoring medicines for diabetics.

The Dental Clinic provides check-ups and care to a wide range of patients. Seniors on fixed incomes cannot afford the out-of -pocket costs for dentures and Archway can help. The $1400 donated by the Parish of St. Matthew's will provide support to many, including dental care onsite.  Staff includes the Dental Administrator, Christina De Mora and the volunteer services of dentists and dental technicians. This organization serves the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people in Abbotsford.

St. Matthew's parishioners support the work of the Archway Food Bank throughout the year. They are also generous supporters to the Anglican international aid organization, the Primate's World Relief Fund (PWRDF). Many St. Matthew's members work as volunteers and as advocates for a wide range of community and national causes.

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  • Recieving a donation from the Parish of St. Matthew's is Christina De Mora, Dental Administrator at the Archway Food Bank in Abbotsford.  The presenters are,  the Rev. Art Turnbull, honorary assistant priest and the Rev. Allen Doerksen, vicar of the parish. Photo Mary Lee
  • Angela McClelland (centre) is presented with a cheque from the Parish of St. Matthew by the Rev. Art Turnbull and Parish Warden Trish Martin. Photo Dick Lee 
  • Another image of the cheque presentation at Archway Dental Clinic. Pictured (l to r) are Dental Technician, Jina, Adminstrator Christina De Mora, the Rev. Art Turnbull, and Dr. Miriam Lien.  Photo Mary Lee