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On November 13, 2022, following the main Sunday morning Celebration of the Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral, the parish community gathered in the parish hall to sing yet another new 'custom' version of the Cathedral's classic song parody "690 on Burrard". This time it was in tribute to the vicar, the Reverend Areeta Bridgemohan. The Rev. Bridgemohan was the presider at the liturgy, her last before beginning maternity leave. Areeta, husband, Chris and son Kiran are expecting a boy (due date is November 25).

 Rev. Bridgemohan getting ready to be sung to, following some words from Dean Chris Pappas  


At 690 on Burrard, we have a song as part of our tradition

At 690 on Burrard, for each occasion there's a new rendition

Let's sing out for Areeta and her baby on the way

She's adding to our numbers and we all say 'Hip Hooray.'

We're very glad she's with us; for her family we do pray

At 690 on Burrard


At 690 on Burrard, we appreciation Areeta's many talents

At 690 on Burrard, she preaches, prays, and gives us all some balance

Italian, French and Spanish, and American, she speaks

She soon will speak Canadian, it'll only take her weeks, eh?

We know she'll find that CCC's the greatest place to be

At 690 on Burrard


At 690 on Burrard, we've welcomed Chris and Kiran and Areeta

At 690 on Burrard, a baby to be born, what could be sweet-a?

We've come to love Areeta and her presence with us here.

We wish her and her family many blessings through the year.

We look forward to her ministry, November of next year.

At 690 on Burrard.

For those of you who wonder about the origin of '690 on Burrard' the tune comes from a 1950s Birtish Radio Show "Much Binding on the Marsh" which is also the title of the theme tune (although the song itself is from the 1930s). I'd heard a '690'  for the first time at the age of 11 or 12 (mid/late 1960s) when a custom version was performed at a farewell event for the departing curate, the late, the Reverend Ian Grant..EDITOR


                        The cathedral community singing to Areeta


Husband Chris, son, Kiran join Areeta in the sing-a-long.

IMAGES (top scroll)

  • Rosalind Kellett positions the Reverend Bridgemohan for the serenading
  • Chris and Kiran look on

Photos: Jane Dittrich, ODNW