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On their way to St. Mary's, South Hill to take part in a KAIROS event on Friday, April 7, keynote speakers: Nenita Condez, Eufemenia Cullama and Bishop Antoio Ablon of Salabukan Nok G'Taw Sumanen - Western Mindanao Region accompanied by two representatives from the local Philippine Solidarity for Human Rights organization, Beth Dollaga and Jane Orginario dropped by the Synod Office at 1410 Nanton Street.

The honoured guests had a brief meeting with Executive Archdeacon, the Venerable Douglas Fenton representing Bishop Skelton. In the very little time available,  Archdeacon Fenton told Bishop Ablon about the Diocese of New Westminster' s Companion Diocese relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines among other items of mutual interest.

The meeting was organized by KAIROS representative, the Reverend Margaret Marquart who is chair of the Eco-Justice Unit of the diocese. Also present were the Reverend Expedito Farinas, rector of St. Mary's, South Hill and the Reverend Wilmer Toyoken, rector of St. Michael's, Multicultural in East Vancouver. These three Anglican priests are members of The Working Group on the Practices of Canadian Mining Companies, an adjunct of the Eco-Justice Unit.

Standing to the right of Bishop Ablon is Shailene Caparas, a Philippine-Canadian who is the controller for the Diocese of New Westminster.