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Are you interested in the topics of spiritual transformation and growth?

Looking to go “beyond the borders” of your present life experience, awaken your curiosity, and meet with others who are doing the same?

Our combination of gathered community, diverse presentations, embodied spiritual practices, and a
contemplative environment, create the space for life-changing experiences that can make a difference in your daily life and impact the wider community. A live webcast program features inspirational teachers and global thinkers; Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, William Paul Young, and more (April 6-8).

Our dynamic inperson presenters come with local and internationally-known experience, and include Mark Desvaux, Ron Klusmeier, Selinde Krayenhoff, and Joanne & Richard Sales.  The conference will also include Sufi dance, Islamic chant, and a good repertorie of multi-faith music. (April 3-6) .

Our collaboration with The Contemplative Society and the Bethlehem Centre sets the scene for
Spirituality Beyond Borders: Education for Transformation.

We believe this is an idea whose time has come, and an experience waiting for a community to embody it!

The Bethlehem Centre near Nanaimo, BC is a "cottage on the lake" style facility, nestled amongst tall trees on Westwood Lake at the foot of Mount Benson on Vancouver Island, providing a peaceful and serene environment for exploring your spiritual path.

We welcome people from any or no spiritual or religious tradition or background. Please do join us for one of our programs in 2017.

For detailed information please download the Bethlehem Centre brochure attached below and/or visit the event posting details on the website. Also available for downloading are the two posters promoting the "Spirituality Beyond Borders" conference and the "Spirituality Beyond Borders" Trinity webcast.

For information and registration EMAIL or by phone call toll free at 1-877-889-0517