There will be more pancakes in Samoa due in part to a microcredit loan recently made by Common Ground, a teen group at St. Catherine's, North Vancouver.

After learning a bit about global economic considerations during a Fair Trade chocolate event, the youth decided to raisemoney to make a microcredit loan. They mixed up litres and litres of homemade, eco-friendly dishwasher detergent, which they packaged in jars. They did a brisk trade at the church coffee hour, selling not only the jars but also recipes for other green cleaners. The group quickly raised about $120.

Sina Ioane, pancake seller (

Through Kiva, a website that allows lenders to choose which business to support, they made a US $100 loan to Sina Ioane of Samoa, a mother of three who sells pancakes to the public three days a week. She plans to use her loan to purchase more supplies and equipment. People can follow Sina's progress, and that of other entrepreneurs, at

In the meantime, youth at St. Catherine's are hoping other people will try out their "What Would Jesus Use" dishwashing detergent. Composed 50% of borax (an element that has been used for thousands of years, hence the WWJU moniker) and 50% of washing soda, the powder has been found to do an excellent job in the dishwasher (and vinegar makes a great rinse aide!) Both ingredients can be found in the laundry detergent aisle at many grocery stores.