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Add one part Pasta, a generous dollop of fellowship, and a pinch of Chianti and you have all the ingredients required for a joyful night of comradery and stewardship.

Everyone was in good spirits as St. Christopher’s officially launched the Fall Church season with its first of many events leading up to Christmas.

The evening was planned to celebrate our church community and to kick off the 2015-2016 stewardship pledge campaign, and as Reverend Michael explained, to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Stewardship is a ship not to be anchored but continually plying the waters of generosity and compassion and to that end St. Christopher’s was at full sail on Saturday.

The steward ship committee of Peoples Warden Mort Shannon and Lea Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Cox, and Deb Kennedy arranged the evening and Lea Anne and Michael put together a booklet explaining the Stewardship campaign for everyone to take home.

The evening began as guests were warmly greeted at the door and offered a glass of Prosecco by Lea Anne Sexton and her son T.J. The bar was expertly tended by Tom and Dave and offered a selection of both red and white Italian wines and Pellegrino.

The beautiful décor was the work of artist Elizabeth Cox. Elizabeth transformed the church hall into a replica of an Italian restaurant with the addition of flowers, candles, and artwork on the walls. The tables were set with candles in old Chianti bottles, red and white table cloths with red and white checkered runners. The floral arrangements were stunningly displayed in Italian tomato, panettone (Italian sweet bread) and olive oil containers.

The pasta de resistance of the evening’s dinner was the delicious lasagna. Accompanied with Caesar salad and garlic toasted foccacia bread. This food was expertly prepared by parishioners Deb Kennedy and award-winning chef Jane Ruddick. Dessert was a refreshing orange salad and Italian cookies prepared by Elizabeth Smith. Everyone was cheerfully served at their tables by the wonderful volunteers who topped off your drink, served food, and doled out seconds if you wished. They even cleared the tables. We all felt truly spoiled.

The Reverend McGee Michael challenged us with a few teaser trivia questions as a taste of the upcoming Trivia Night (Saturday October 24 at 5pm).

It was unanimously agreed that a great time was had by all.

P.S. There was even the opportunity to purchase a floral arrangement or some take-out lasagna!  

The article submitted by Deputy Warden James Duchscherer with generous assistance from Jo-Anne Duchscherer who provided content and photographs.