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Each and every day since the pandemic lockdown hit England in March 2020, Dean Robert Willis has offered morning prayer from the beautiful and varied grounds of the Canterbury Cathedral deanery. He "went viral" early in the pandemic when one of his cats stole the show, and his virtual congregation has grown ever since. Many in the Diocese of New Westminster and across the world will miss the Dean's morning reflections when he reluctantly retires on his 75th birthday later this month.

Part of the informal service includes a "this day in history" reflection or a celebration of a holiday or festival. Listening to a service in February that was infused throughout with music in celebration of the Lunar New Year inspired leadership at St. Clement's to spend this year paying more conscious attention to the many different countries and cultures in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Saying the peace in different languages throughout Eastertide is a current manifestation of this project. Through this and other means the congregation will be celebrating the gathering of worldwide bishops at this summer's Lambeth Conference.

When Canterbury learned that the Dean's morning prayer had sparked this endeavour at St. Clement's, they asked for an account for the Canterbury newsletter. The congregation sent a special photo greeting as well, which you can see above. The story was published in time for their Easter edition and you can read it right here.