The audience of a September 30 Benefit Concert at St. David’s Anglican Church in Tsawwassen can be assured that autumn is more than seasonal mists and worm-eaten windfalls.

Music will transcend the concert-goer when soprano Rosemary Gahr and mezzo-soprano Daniele Walker, present a program rich in selections from Mozart, Handel and Schubert as well as songs from 1900s composers such as Lenoir, Friedman and Whitson. 

Accompanied by parish music director Allen Desnoyers at the piano, Rosemary and Daniele will mix solos with duets for the listening pleasure of a gathering with a wide-range of musical attributes.  

Venue is St. David’s Church, 1115 – 51A Street. Concert will begin at 7pm with light refreshments to follow.

Ticket price is $20 (no charge for those under 15 years of age) and are available from members of the congregation, or at the door on Saturday, September 30. 


Soloists Rosemary Gahr and Daniele Walker practicing concert selections with accompanist Allen Desnoyers.

Photos by Mary Horton.