One of the absolute highlights of autumn in the Vancouver Neighbourhood of Point Grey is the St. Helen's Fall Fair and Tea. The community pulls out all the stops to produce what must be one of the finest Fall Fair's in the lower mainland (Image on left - The St. Helen's Fall Fair team). Before the doors opened at 11am on November 27th there was a line-up down the street of eager shoppers poised to enter the Parish Hall and shop for books, clothing, jewelry, preserves, baking, crafts and specialty items.
The church Narthex is made over into a tea room with seating for 50. The "Tea" is lined-up for the entire four hour duration of the fair with hungry shoppers enjoying a gourmet selection of freshly made finger sandwiches and home baked treats.
Downstairs in the church basement/auditorium the entire space is transformed into the "Teddy Bear Fair" with toys, books, games, action figures and a hot dog lunch. The "Teddy Bear Fair" looked much more like a well thought-out boutique toy store than a church basement.
Many thanks to the Rev.Scott Gould and the many volunteers who made everyone feel so welcome.
Hmmm...where should we go next year?
Image Below - The "TEA"