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St. Hilda’s Anglican Church is inviting Sunshine Coasters to celebrate the beauty and diversity of creation through 5 Sundays of special worshipping services beginning September 13, and a weekly study group on Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on climate change. All are welcome to the worship services and the study group.

Around the world, churches are become acutely aware of the environmental crisis. “In this time of climate change it is important for a Christian community to take time to celebrate the gift of creation, to practice eco-justice, and to work towards a right relationship with our suffering planet” says David Moul, Environmental Steward and member of St. Hilda’s. “We will unveil a special art installation created by local members of the community and the worship will incorporate special music written to celebrate the beauty of creation and the challenges our environment is facing today.”

In conjunction to the Sunday celebration, St. Hilda’s is also inviting the community to study and discuss the wisdom of Pope Francis’ in his recent encyclical on climate change Laudato Si. The study group will meet over 5 Mondays beginning September 14 from 3:30 – 5pm. To join the free study group please call the Parish Office 885-5019 to register.

The Season of Creation was first celebrated in 2000 at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Adelaide, Australia. For four weeks Christians relived the great creation stories in the Bible and critically examined the roles of the human species as caretaker of the sacred earth. The Season of Creation is now being celebrated in many Christian denominations across different continents.

Here are two links for those who would like to read the encyclical Laudato Si online:

PDF e-book format

Full text

The Season of Creation is an extension of St. Hilda’s mission to be “A Living Invitation to All to Connect to the Divine.”

St. Hilda’s Church is located at 5838 Barnacle Street in Sechelt besides Rockwood Centre.
For more information, call the Rev. Clarence Li at 604-993-0399.