In the march last month through Vancouver to urge government action on housing the homeless were Christ Church parishoners Elspeth Richmond, Dianne Desrochers, and Valerie Whitehead.

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The initiative of two members of St. Hilda's has resulted in three local government councils or boards on the Sunshine Coast proclaiming that all people should have access to clean water.

Jill Halliwell and Diane Kozoris initiated the effort, in part to bring members of the parish into an awareness and action that spoke to global justice and equity for all.

A resolution passed by the municipal councils of Gibsons and Sechelt, and by the board of the Sunshine Coast regional district, affirms that "water is a sacred gift that connects all human life," and that "access to clean water is a basic human right."

Diane Kozoris and Jill Halliwell at St. Hilda's on World Water Day
The resolutions also call upon the federal government to urge the World Bank to ensure that access to clean, affordable water, is provided to all the world's poor.

The resolution cites the UN Millennium Development Goals, which includes the goal to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water by 2015. In their presentations, the two women were also aware that over 100 First Nations communities have to boil all water to make it safe.

With the help of St. Hilda's Environmental Steward David Moul, they enlisted the support of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, and members of Gibson's United Church. Together, they made presentations before the local councils.

"What I found most worthwhile was the genuine interest and regard with which the councilors discussed this matter," reported Halliwell.

The proclamations were made in time for World Water Day in March. Later in April, a similar request for endorsement went to the Sechelt Indian District government.

In total, about 120 communities across Canada have passed similar resolutions asking for action from the federal government, the UN, and World Bank.