Doug Fenton (left), Maegan Bruce, Marian Mills and her granddaughter Eve Brealey, recycle containers at St. John’s, Squamish. The parish is the first in the diocese to gain Green Parish Accreditation from the Diocesan Environmental Unit. Proceeds from recycling go to help sponsor a foster child in El Salvador. (Photo by David Dranchuk)

St. John, Squamish is getting set to become the first church in our diocese to become recognized for its commitment to good environmental stewardship through the Green Parish Accreditation Program.

Developed by the Environmental Unit, the program challenges parishes to follow through with specific commitments in action areas including energy conservation, recycling, ground care, transportation, church communication, religious education and worship. It is the first program of its kind in Canada.

Churches throughout the diocese have been doing many of these for years. Most now have a recycling program. Twenty-six have had energy audits to identify measures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption. More churches are installing bicycle racks and organizing car pools. And Environmental Stewards have been appointed at 23 churches so far.

“People come to Squamish to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle,” said Dorothy Bruce, a parishioner at St. John’s. “We are surrounded by majestic mountains and rugged beauty. It is only right that we do what we can to maintain this glorious place by caring for our environment and setting a good example for our own community and the many people who visit annually.”

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