St. Jude’s first home in Vancouver, bought from an order of the Roman Catholic Church

For sixty years, St. Jude's has offered exemplary care to older adults. From its inception to the present time, St. Jude's has owed its existence to a spirit of co-operation from churches, women's groups and individuals and between the public and the private sector.

The vision began with individuals from various Anglican churches getting together to address the accommodation needs of older women in 1948, attended by then Bishop Sir Francis Heathcote. Soon an incorporated society purchased property from the Society of the Love of Jesus, a Catholic organization.

Initially, St. Jude's was home to 23 elderly women, and private rooms (with board) were available for $60.00 a month. By 1978, the Board of Directors recognized a need to provide care for sick and disabled residents and they decided to join the British Columbia Ministry of Health's Long Term Care Program, thus initiating a significant change in the home's administrative affairs.

By joining the Long Term Care Program, the provincial government took control of much of the administration, including admissions, and St. Jude's began admitting men as well as women.

In February 1985 the St. Jude's board applied to the Ministry of Health and the H.R. MacMillan Foundation for money for a new building to accommodate more people, and be able to better provide for those with dementia and physical disabilities. By 1991 a new facility with 53 beds was opened. Bishop Hambidge cut the ribbon.

St. Jude’s Anglican Home in Vancouver, 60 years old in 2008

Today, St. Jude's is a 55-bed facility, with almost all beds funded by the Coastal Health Authority. Under the direction of Chris Norman, the Administrator, staff and volunteers address the physical, social and spiritual needs of the residents, and in so doing create an atmosphere of warmth and graciousness. The Rev. Trudi Shaw serves as Anglican chaplain.

Recreation, music, chapel services, outings, healing touch, and the famous teas (complete with bone china cups and saucers) make this home a very inviting place to be. St. Jude's enjoys a very strong reputation for exceptional care amongst residents, family members and members of the health community.

St. Jude's still depends on the commitment of volunteers of all ages and from many Anglican churches to enhance the music, recreation, worship and other vital programs. Some things never change: St. Jude's is still looking for funding, people are thoughtful and generous, and co-operation is still the best way to get things done.

On September 13, 2008 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. all connected with St. Jude's are invited to celebrate 60 years of caring. If you would like to attend this reception, please RSVP Gillian Juma at 604 874-3200, local 231, or e-mail at