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SMK will be hosting Dr. Nancy Mairs as Homilist-in-Residence for Holy Week
2012. Dr. Mairs will travel to Vancouver from her home in Tucson, AZ to offer addresses to the SMK community each day during Holy Week, April 2-7.
She will be reading from and discussing her book 'Waist-high in the World' at SMK, Saturday, April 7th at 2pm, doors open at 1:30pm.
Dr. Mairs is an author and an academic who has written books on a variety of topics including her experiences living with MS, a condition she was diagnosed with in 1971 at the age of 28.
Dr. Mairs’s website biography describes her as a “liberal, feminist and outspokenly activist.” Her more recent writings including A Dynamic God – Living an Unconventional Catholic Faith have focused on her conversion to Catholicism and how she deals with “an increasingly conservative church that scorns her brand of progressive iconoclasm.”
The April issue of TOPIC the monthly publication of the Diocese of New Westminster will feature Brenda Berck's (Brenda is a parishioner at SMK) review of A Dynamic God.
For more information about Nancy Mairs’s visit to Vancouver please contact The Rev. Kelly Duncan 604.261.4228.