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At a special meeting of the St. Monica’s congregation on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013, the members of the Anglican Parish Church situated for the last 62 years on Wellington Avenue in Horseshoe Bay voted that they make a request to the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster to allow the Parish to close.

 The first service was held January14, 1951. For the last 3 decades, St. Monica’s has been in a precarious financial position but the faith community persevered and continued its ministry and mission to and in the neighbourhood.

Over the life of the parish, St. Monica’s has been home to dozens of community groups including: Daycare Centres, Recovery Groups, Nifty Thrifty Shop, Scouts, Guides, Yoga, other Christian congregations and always offered a warm welcome to all. Three generations of Horseshoe Bay residents have been baptized, married and had their funeral services held at St. Monica’s.

 St. Monica’s Priest-in-Charge, the Reverend Janice Lowell and the community of faith with whom she shares her ministry is grateful for the support that the parish received from the other Anglican churches in West Vancouver, particularly St. Francis-in-the-Wood, Caulfeild where she also serves as Assistant Priest. Over the past several years the sustaining ministry of St. Monica’s has been a missional goal of St. Francis.

It is very sad when a faith community comes to the end of its ministry but often out of this, new beginnings and new ministry may emerge.
St. Monica’s Parish went ahead with the annual Community Harvest Thanksgiving Supper on October 19th which was a bittersweet experience for many. It was a wonderful opportunity to be together and share memories of happier times but also some sadness that a chapter in the lives of many and in the life of the community of Horseshoe Bay was coming to a close.

 The final regularly scheduled worship at St. Monica’s will take place on the Reign of Christ, Sunday, November 24 at 10am The Rev. Dr. Donald Grayston will preach and the Rev. Janice Lowell will preside.

The Diocese of New Westminster and its governing body, Diocesan Council will enter into a time of discernment and reflection before announcing next steps regarding the property and assets of the Parish.