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Walking the labyrinth is like making a pilgrimage….

It is a journey where you might think about loved ones, distractions, or burdens on the way in, be open to the grace and love of God at the center and return uplifted, blessed, and renewed.

The Holy Week Labyrinth Walk is an opportunity to quiet your mind, center yourself, and find a quiet respite from the problems that confront us daily.

Each year during Lent we are invited to focus on our inward journey to our center and back again. Lent is also symbolic of the time Jesus was tempted in the wilderness and struggled in his own human vulnerability.

You are invited to consider your own human journey in the practice of walking the labyrinth as a tool for contemplation during Holy Week.

Though walking the labyrinth can be a spiritual practice, it is also personal. The labyrinth can meet each person where they are and help them to take the next steps on their own path. The labyrinth provides a physical, mindful, and peaceful experience.

All are invited to the St Paul’s Anglican Church Labyrinth at 1130 Jervis St. at the following times:

Palm Sunday April 10:  12noon to 2pm

Monday through Friday- April 11 - 15:  9 to 10am

Saturday April 16: 12noon to 2pm

Easter Sunday April 17: 12noon to 2pm