When the Environmental Task Force offered to visit parishes to make a special "Green Sunday" presentation, St. Philip's, Dunbar was first in line.

The purpose of the "Green Sunday" program is to introduce the work of the Environmental Task Force to parishes and to invite parishes' input and help with turning our diocese into a model of environmental stewardship. St. Philip's had already worked with the Task Force to get an energy audit of their parish arranged.

The Green Sunday planning started with a phone call from a Task Force representative to St. Philip's rector, the Rev. John Stephens, to discuss the kinds of environmental action that the parish was already involved in.

The week before the Green Sunday, St. Philip's pew bulletin explained that the next week would be a Green Sunday, and that everyone was invited to bring used bus tickets to include in the offering plate.

How many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb? From left to right:Lilly Miller, Thomas Marquardt-Circo, Martha Beach Bartell replacing old bulb with energy efficient compact fluorescent as part of Green Sunday, November 7 at St. Margaret's, Cedar Cottage. (David Dranchuk photo)

On October 24, two members of the Environmental Task Force attended the 9:30 am service at St. Philip's. The children's story was about the diversity of God's creatures with whom we share the Lower Mainland. The hymns chosen for the day stirringly emphasized themes of creation.

The talk in the sermon slot was about the practical, political and prayerful aspects of greening parish life. The people of St. Philip's were asked to change their lives by committing them or recommitting them to Christian care for creation.

After the liturgy, parish members met the Environmental Task Force members at coffee hour, and received free compact fluorescent light bulbs and energy conservation information provided by BC Hydro through a parishioner. The Environmental Task Force was grateful for the opportunity to visit St.Philip's and looks forward to invitations from other parishes.

The Diocesan Environmental Task Force is planning a one-day workshop and networking session on January 29 that will explore "125 Ways to Green Your Parish." The featured speaker will be Dr. Bill Rees, professor at UBC's School of Community and Regional Planning.

Saturday, January 29

This is a day for those who want to get involved in "greening" their parishes. It’s at St. Mary's Kerrisdale, 2490 West 37 Ave., Vancouver. Please register with David Dranchuk, Diocesan Coordinator for Social Ministry, 604 684-6306, ext. 221. $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Child care and light refreshments provided. Bring a brown-bag lunch.