Archdeacon Stephen Rowe and Regional Dean Christine Rowe

In the diocesan hierarchy, clergy couple Christine and Stephen Rowe have switched roles. The Rev. Christine Rowe, formerly Archdeacon of Burrard, moved from her post as rector of St. Thomas, Vancouver, to St. Catherines North Vancouver. Shortly afterwards she became the Regional Dean for North Vancouver.

The Ven. Stephen Rowe, has stayed in the same parish as rector of the Church of the Epiphany in Surrey. He had been the Regional Dean for the area his parish is in, but now has been appointed the Archdeacon.

The diocese is divided into ten deaneries of from 5 to 11 parishes each. Regional Deans are recommended by the clergy in the deanery and, after a Synod Advisory Committee reviews the recommendation, Bishop Michael Ingham may appoint them to a two year term, and can reappoint them twice.

The bishop directly appoints the dioceses five archdeacons, one for every two deaneries, to five year terms. They can be reappointed several times, and receive the special title Venerable. In general, the regional deans convey clergy concerns to the bishop, and the archdeacons help the bishop administer the diocese.


Annette Savage

Filling the vacancy created by Stephen Rowes appointment is Regional Dean Michael McGee, rector of St. Helens, Surrey, for his deanery, South Fraser. The Rev. Paul Strudwick, rector of St. Catherines, Port Coquitlam, is now Regional Dean for the New Westminster Deanery. These people and others are listed on the map below.

Annette Savage this month will take a week off from her duties as treasurer at St. Oswalds, Port Kells, Surrey, to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, to join over a thousand other volunteers. They intend to build 200 brick homes to replace shacks in a poor neighbourhood. She has had to raise about $7,000 to cover transportation, lodging, and building costs, and has been holding fundraisers, including a dance at the local Legion Hall. To help her effort, call 604 507-1691.