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Stewardship365 is an online curriculum that empowers local congregations to expand their vision of stewardship beyond money to include the currencies of relationship, truth, wellness, gracious leadership, time and place.

Through this process, participants will create a year-around stewardship movement enabling the congregation to shift from maintenance to mission, from scarcity to abundance and from fear to grace.

You are invited to participate in the Diocese of New Westminster version of Stewardship365 which will be facilitated by John and Joan Beck by registering here.

The DofNW version is a 6 week course taking place on Wednesdays in Lent: February 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31, at 7pm.

A 5 minute promo video featuring John and Joan Beck is available below on this post.

For more information please email the Reverend Tellison Glover, Director for Mission and Ministry