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Diocesan communications's videographer, Cliff Caprani has produced an "Andy Warhol-esque" poster using a stylized image of the Reverend Dr. Donald Grayston.

Dr. Grayston is suffering from Fibrotic Nonspecific Interstitial Pneumonia, an illness from which he will not recover and he is now housebound.

To purchase a poster please contact Cliff via email. These limited run posters sell for $20 and all of the post-expenses proceeds will be directed to the St. James', Street Outreach Initiative, the ministry of Fr. Matthew Johnson.

The Summer 2017 issue of Topic, the magazine of the Diocese of New Westminster mailed to parishioners homes as a section of the Anglican Journal national publication will feature a transcription of Dr. Grayston's, March 17, 2017 conversation with Cliff about his life in the Church. Summer's Topic will be online May 29 and in homes the week of June 4.