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The Street Outreach Initiative based out of St. James' focuses on ministering to street-involved adults living in Vancouver’s DTES struggling daily with poverty, mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, social isolation, and with the legacy of past traumas.  In the midst of this, Street Outreach Priest, Fr Matthew Johnson, seeks by word and deed, to remind each person he encounters of their infinite value in the eyes of God.  The DTES is a parish where anything can and does happen, where no day is typical, and where Jesus Christ is found in the least expected persons and places.

Following a presentation given by the Reverend Father Matthew Johnson to Mission and Ministry Development (MMD)one of the two standing committees that report to Diocesan Council on September 26, 2017, MMD passed a motion of recommendation to the Bishop that the Street Outreach Initiative by granted "Related Group" status.

That recommendation was presented to Diocesan Council at the next meeting November 15, 2017, as a motion and after a brief discussion consisting of enthusiastic support for this ministry the motion passed unanimously.

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