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On Sunday, August 30 at St. Francis' in Caulfeild, worship on the adjacent wide green field turned into an unexpected rainbow when the weather surprised the congregation and clergy by going from barely a drop to a steady downpour. The community turned to the lost and found stash for umbrellas. Clearly some people at St Francis' have favourite colours. 

Jeff Calvert in yellow

When St. Francis' assistant curate (who also submitted these photographs), the Reverend Alecia Greenfield was asked if there had been some thought put into the "resourceful and delightful fashion choices", she replied,

"No planning. This was just the way it turned out. And, yes, we have a lot of umbrellas in the lost and found."


Marie Moonen in red

Top of the post image is Valerie Cox in blue. Many thanks to Rev. Greenfield for these photos.