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There was a well-attended and spirited information meeting held at the Anglican Parish of the Church of the Epiphany (Epiphany), 10553 148th Street on the evening of Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

A presentation by McElhanney Consulting Services who are working with the Surrey Food Bank (SFB) and Epiphany outlined the proposed redevelopment to the 50 people in attendance (some of those who were in attendance are residents of the neighbourhood near the church) about the plan to relocate the new SFB on a portion of Epiphany’s nearly 2 acre land parcel.

It is no secret that for the past few years the parish have been exploring opportunities with various developers and other organizations to enter into a partner relationship with the goal of providing compassionate service and sharing ministry in that location. The proposed partnership is part of Epiphany’s plan to demolish the existing 1970 church building and construct new structures suited to ministry in the 21st century.

Following the meeting, SFB representatives spoke to reporters from the Surrey Leader. Here is a link to that article.

And for further information, here is a link to Epiphany's power point presentation at Synod, May 27, and there is an article written by the Venerable Stephen Rowe following Diocesan Council approval of the plan available on page 9 of the December issue of Topic, the monthly publication of the Diocese of New Westminster.

The Venerable Stephen Rowe, rector of Epiphany chatting with the recently retired Executive Director of the SFG, Marilyn Hermann at the current SFB site days before the June 27 meeting.